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In the beginning, cars were all about freedom. M is an evolution on that idea. We are creating a service that gives people personal and dependable access to cars, on their terms. We think about the way we use cars when owning one, and aim to provide an alternative that is even better. Your car sometimes.

We help people move freely, meaningfully and sustainably”

Bodil Eriksson
CEO, Volvo Car Mobility

When I took on this assignment more than a year ago, I decided to give up my own car to rely solely on the various mobility services available. The experience has been a real eye-opener. It has been frustrating but also liberating. One of the first insights, from not having a car of your own, is that the car itself becomes secondary. What is important is what you are about to do: to solve, to fix, to explore. Mobility is an enabler for the lives we want to live.

Our process at M is human-centric, and we develop hypothesis on the basis of our product dimensions: Dependable, Personal and Services. We design, build and test in quick iterations with users. We are in early stages of our product, but moving quickly.

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    Puts you in control so you can make the choice to get out and go, on your terms.

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    A service that understands you, and that you understand, helping you to manage and enrich everyday life.

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    M will cater to your needs, and to the cities we operate in. One M vehicle will take five private cars off the road, making cities liveable again.

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We are building a small and skillful team with a growth mindset. To that end, we are looking for people with the background and motivation needed to develop all aspects of our venture: brand, product, technology, partnerships, and organization.

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The urban landscape is evolving, and it’s happening all over the world. We are interested in partnering with developers, builders, and planners, to develop greener cities and sustainable transport solutions for the future.

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