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Launching in Linköping

Just over a year since going live in Stockholm, M is continuing its expansion across Sweden’s largest cities. Today, we’ve opened up 24 new stations in Linköping with cars to take you where you need to go. And back again.

October 1, 2020

Whether you need to zip around town for errands and meetings, or plan a family adventure in the countryside, M has the right car for you. And with Linköping conveniently situated right in the middle of things, a spontaneous trip Stockholm or Jönköping is always an option. 

When can I start making reservations in Linköping?

From today! The stations are open, and the cars are available to drive—24/7 as always.

How many stations will you have in Linköping?

Starting with 24 stations across Linköping, we're especially excited about our three stations in Vallastaden. It’s an inspiring urban development project that gives us a glimpse into a world where sharing is central to sustainable living, not an afterthought.

Will the service be the same as in other cities?

Yes, absolutely. With M, you have a Volvo car nearby whenever you need to drive without the hassle of rental or responsibility of ownership. 

Choose from a range of Volvo cars and reserve from an hour to as long as you need. Unlock the car with a simple swipe in the app, and return it to where you picked it up when done. It’s that simple.