Our range of cars

M is your car when you're in it. No logos, no striping, just premium Volvo cars that allow you to feel at home. Whether you need something compact and versatile like the XC40, or something roomy and refined like the V90, we'll find the right car for you.


Packed with smart storage features, the compact and distinctive XC40 is the perfect companion for running errands in the city and catching up with friends.

Holds 3 large suitcases and 1 cabin bag.


An elegant and versatile mid-size estate car, the V60 will get you to where you're going while still allowing you to enjoy the ride.

Holds 3 large suitcases and 2 cabin bags.

Available with towbar.


Confident and refined, the XC60 is a mid-size SUV that works perfectly for both a weekend getaway and your heavy-duty shopping trips.

Holds 3 large suitcases and 2 cabin bags.


The sophisticated V90 is the perfect estate car for city driving, as well as your adventure trips. Travel in style and comfort, without compromising on the practical necessities.

Holds 4 large suitcases and 1 cabin bag.


Elegant and spacious, the XC90 is an ideal SUV for your longer trips and bigger adventures, conquering any bump in the road with ground clearance and legroom to spare.

Holds 4 large suitcases and 1 cabin bag.

Standard in All Cars

Stay comfortable

With an uncluttered interior, a great sound system and a 12-inch driver display, you'll be comfortable, calm, and focused on the road ahead.

Stay connected

The Sensus navigation system keeps you on the right path. Apple CarPlay lets you sing along to your favorite tunes, and Bluetooth lets you call hands-free while driving.

Stay in control

Volvo Cars IntelliSafe technology helps protect you, your passengers, and people outside the car. All cars are equipped with an auto gearbox, and a range of drive modes to help adapt your driving to different situations.

"It's really flexible. Choose the larger XC90, or something smaller. The cars have great features, and they don’t scream rental–they are discreet."

Cornelia, Stockholm