A Smarter Way to Drive

From the app to the car and everything in between, M will focus on you. This is your car when you need it, on your terms.

  • Always in Your Pocket

    Download the app to access Volvo cars across Sweden's largest cities. You'll be signed up and ready to roll in minutes.

  • Get in and Go

    Unlock the car with a simple swipe in the app. Drive for an hour to as long as you need. Return the car to where you picked it up when you're done.

  • Drive on Your Terms

    With M, you're free from all the responsibilities of owning a car. Just enjoy the convenience of driving when you need to, on a price plan that suits you.

Included in every trip

  • Fuel.
  • Tolls.
  • Insurance.

Volvo cars. Any occasion.

"There's something very appealing about only having a car when you need one."

Adnan Ciric, Stockholm