Pricing to suit every trip

Need to rent a car for weekly errands or occasional getaways? Compare prices and find the right plan for you. Fuel, tolls, and insurance always included. Change, or cancel your plan at any time.

0 SEK/month


Small works best if you drive around 10 hours per month, for your weekly shopping, picking up packages, and visiting friends.

  • No monthly fee
  • Hourly rate 110 SEK
  • Day rate 995 SEK
  • Weekend rate 1695 SEK
  • Week rate 3995 SEK
  • Price per kilometer 2 SEK

195 SEK/month


Lagom is just right if you drive 10-30 hours per month, for day trips once or twice and your weekly grocery shopping.

  • Monthly fee 195 SEK
  • Hourly rate 85 SEK
  • Day rate 895 SEK
  • Weekend rate 1495 SEK
  • Week rate 3795 SEK
  • Price per kilometer 2 SEK

895 SEK/month


Large is great if you drive more than 30 hours per month, doing weekly errands and shopping and going on 1-2 day trips.

  • Monthly fee 895 SEK
  • Hourly rate 60 SEK
  • Day rate 795 SEK
  • Weekend rate 1295 SEK
  • Week rate 2995 SEK
  • Price per kilometer 2 SEK

Got questions about pricing?

How much does an M trip cost?

The cost of a reservation is calculated on your price plan, the duration of your reservation, and the distance you drive. 

For example: If you are on the Small plan and make a 3-hour reservation (110 SEK/hour) where you drive for 45 km (2 SEK/km), the cost of the reservation will be 420 SEK.

The Lagom and Large plans also come with a monthly fee.

How many hours are included in the day and weekend prices?

The daily price includes 24 hours, and the weekend price includes 63 hours. We count weekends from Friday afternoon to Monday morning (for example, a reservation starting Friday 16:00 and ending Monday 07:00).

What kind of insurance is included?

Excess reduction is included in every trip and will lower the vehicle’s maximum excess from 12,000 SEK to 7,000 SEK in case of damage to the vehicle. In case of damage to other property or personal injury, a reduced traffic excess of no more than 4,000 SEK will be added.

You can also add an excess waiver at an extra cost when making a new reservation. Excess waiver lowers the vehicle’s maximum excess in case of damage to the vehicle or damage to other property or personal injury to 0 SEK.

Is parking included in the price?

Parking during a reservation (whether in separate parking spots or at an M station) is not included.

What payment methods can I choose? Do you provide an invoice?

We accept credit card and make the charge after you complete each trip.

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"I use M if I'm buying something big, visiting friends, or going out for the day. I’d never buy a car when I can use cars like this."

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