Smart Car Sharing - M

Stream Cars like Music

  • Always in Your Pocket

    Download the app to access Volvo cars at 230 stations across Stockholm and Uppsala. You'll be signed up and ready to roll in minutes.

  • Get in and Go

    Unlock the car with a simple swipe in the app. Drive for an hour to as long as you need. Return the car to where you picked it up when you're done.

  • Drive on Your Terms

    With M, you're free from all the responsibilities of owning a car. Just enjoy the convenience of driving when you need to, on a price plan that suits you.

Shuffle Your Cars
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  • The best thing for me is not having to plan. To be able to decide, let's go away tomorrow, or go for a big shopping trip somewhere far away!

    Cornelia, Stockholm

  • This morning I picked up a V60, drove my girls to preschool, then to work, to meetings, back to the office, then later I’m going to bring my mom to carry some art to a workshop. It's perfect.

    Minoo, Stockholm

  • I use the cars if I'm buying something big, visiting friends, picking someone up from the airport, or if I'm going somewhere for the entire day. I would never buy a car, but I'll use cars in this way going forward.

    Jahangir, Stockholm