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7 autumn adventures outside of Stockholm

We’ve raked up a pile of our favorite autumn road trips just outside of the city, so you can make the most of the days as fall fades to winter.

October 29, 2019

It’s official, winter is coming. This past weekend we turned the clock back on summer-time and, as if right on queue, Stockholm woke up to the first real frost of the season. 

Well, if the approach of November makes you want to curl up inside, light some candles, and burrow down for the long winter ahead––you’re not alone. But we don’t recommend it. Now that the tourists are gone and many locals have packed it in for the winter, this is the perfect time to get outside. Take in the crisp fall air, enjoy the autumn colors, and visit all the charming attractions the greater Stockholm area has to offer. 

With M cars available all over Stockholm and Uppsala, your next adventure is waiting!

Nyckelviken. Those seeking family-oriented activities during the fall break should visit Nyckelviken nature reserve and manor. It offers hiking trails, animals, pony rides, and a quaint cafe. Find it here.

Tyresta. If anything can draw you away from the city, it’s Tyresta. Located less than an hour from Stockholm, Tyresta National Park is one of the largest old-growth pine tree forests in southern Sweden. In this glorious nature reserve, you can find Tyresta village with 18th-century buildings, 55 km of marked trails, and campfire sites that are perfect for gathering around. Find it here.

Häringe Slott. With Halloween coming up, paranormal enthusiasts can learn about the haunted history of Häringe Slott. This 17th-century castle is now a hotel offering offers ghost tours of the property, murder mystery dinners, and the chance to witness the great Anthony Charles Heads, Sweden’s famous mentalist and mind reader. Häringe Slott’s Paranormal Weekend is this weekend, November 1st, and you won’t want to miss it. Find it here.

Siggesta Gård. Animal lovers, adventure seekers and those looking for an excellent place to grab a bite, can all find solace at Siggesta Gård. This local gem is perfect for day trips or cozy weekend getaways. Take a break from city life and enjoy a wide variety of outdoor fun. This höstlov, Siggeta offers activities every day of the week: alpaca feeding, adventure courses, football golf, and more. Find it here.

Orbaden. Whether you prefer a relaxing moment at the spa or a thrilling experience at an adventure park, Orbaden has something for everyone. Catch some thrills on the ziplines and kid-friendly adventure courses at Orbaden Zip & Climb. This adventure park offers fun for all ages. Take advantage of the local brewery, Organic Smash, and Brasserie Bryggeriet located nearby. If you’re looking to relax and unwind, take in the beauty and tranquility at the Orbaden Spa. Pair your stay at Orbaden Spa with a yoga session, a strenuous hike, or a downhill bike excursion. Find them here and here.

Björnö nature reserve. One of the most beautiful archipelago experiences within a short drive of Stockholm. Boasting epic sea views, lush forests, hiking trails, campsites, and sandy beaches. Find it here.

Vaxholm. With historic charm, majestic nature, and cultural attractions, Vaxholm is perfect for day trips or weekends away. Meander through the charming village streets, shop for local crafts, and choose from an array of restaurants and cafes. We especially love Vaxholms Bed & Breakfast, where they serve up local food and coffee and offer cinnamon bun baking lessons. Find Vaxholm here.

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