"Jonna bikes aims to make cycling more accessible"

Fredrik Karlberg, Founder of Jonna bikes

Fredrik Karlberg is one of three founders of the Jonna bikes subscription service, which allows users to rent bikes for a fixed monthly fee. 

Fredrik has always had a strong interest in sales and marketplaces since he started trying out various kinds of bartering at the age of 16, which led to a career in car sharing. From there, it wasn't such a big leap over to bikes.

“Jonna aims to make cycling more accessible to everyone. When you come to Jonna, you get a bike right away and then pay per month to keep it for as long as you want.” 

The main idea behind Jonna was to eliminate all the hassle that comes with owning a bike – in the same way as M.

“Our promise has always been that the bike will always work and if it doesn't, we'll replace it immediately, or come and fix it on the spot. We also have insurance that covers the bike if it gets stolen, so you get a new one quickly. In other words, all you have to think about is cycling.” 

Fredrik previously worked in the Netherlands and was inspired by the cycling culture in Amsterdam, a city where all kinds of people get around by bike.

“In these parts of Europe, there are plenty of different types of bike-sharing services, and we have of course drawn inspiration from them. We hope Jonna will help even more people get around by bike.”

Fredrik believes that to succeed as a sharing service, you have to be a lot better than the option of ownership. Availability, guarantees, insurance and quality are therefore paramount.

“I actually think a lot of people are willing to share today, but the problem is that it's often just as cheap to buy. Simplicity is therefore the thing that can convince people to adopt sharing services.”

Jonna is expanding and hopes to spread to even more student cities next year. The goal, however, is not to produce as many bikes as possible. Instead, the company wants to cultivate a cycling culture in Sweden and to have satisfied users.

“As a bike-sharing service, there are major risks in growing too fast. We produce bikes on demand and don't want to end up putting our bikes in a big warehouse. That won’t help our users or the environment. We want using Jonna to be sustainable.”

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