"We want to make boating accessible to everyone”

Sara Lindberg, Project Manager at Skipperi

Sharing is even possible on lakes. Skipperi is the company that has taken the sharing economy all the way out to the water, so that even more people can enjoy boating during the spring and summer months. 

The idea is simple – for a fixed monthly fee, you get access to 140 boats in over 20 separate ports. You choose the type of subscription that best suits you, your needs and your budget, and then get free access to the boats throughout the boating season.

Sara Lindberg is a project manager at Skipperi, and has been spreading her passion for boating through the sharing service for a year now. 

“The Skipperi service is actually two services. The first allows private individuals to rent boats to other private individuals. The second is our subscription-based boat-sharing service, 'Fleet', which gives access to boats via an app for a fixed monthly fee.”

Skipperi started in Finland in 2019 before expanding to Sweden in 2020. In the coming year, Copenhagen, Oslo and New Zealand will also have access to the service. 

Using Skipperi Fleet is easy. You book, check in and cast off directly in the app and get access to all of Skipperi's boats. The boats are fully equipped and can be used by the members as often and as much as they like during the season.

“Looking out over an ordinary marina, you can see that many boats are just left waiting there. Very few people have access to a mooring today and it is very expensive. If we can put five boats there that can be enjoyed by various people from time to time instead, it will create value for lots more people. 

You don’t really need any previous experience to sign up. We have developed an academy where you can take a theoretical course online. If you don't have any boating experience, you can also attend a practical training course where we go through everything you need to know to feel safe on the water.”

At the beginning, there were only rowing boats in Skipperi's fleet. They served as an extension of urban mobility solutions for people who wanted to go to the beautiful islands outside Helsinki. 

“A third of the customers who sign up for Skipperi are beginners on the water, but there are also many who trade in their private boat for membership with us. 

It takes a lot of time to care for a private boat. It's on land for half the year, and during the six-month season you need to scrape, maintain and use the boat as much as possible. Skipperi creates simplicity where you avoid all the hassle.”

Customer surveys show that many people choose Skipperi over private boats to live more sustainably. The boats are newly produced, but will last for years and be used by many more people throughout their lifetime. The survey shows that as many as 80% of Skipperi's members had plans to buy their own boat before deciding to sign up for a subscription instead.

“It’s very important to me to work for a company that is committed to sustainability. I also use M both at work and privately, and am open to trying more sharing services. 

The boating industry still contributes to consumption and emissions, but if more people are willing to share, progress can be made to bring electric cars into the fleet more quickly and work toward an electric boating industry.”

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