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Unlock digital key sharing

Looking forward to Svemester but not the long hours behind the wheel? Thanks to our new feature, digital key sharing, you can now let a friend do some of the leg work.

June 17, 2020

You’ve asked, and we’ve listened. We’re introducing digital key sharing in time for summer so you can split driving duties with someone straight from the app. You reserve a car and share your key; they unlock and drive, and return the key when they're done. 

Why digital key sharing?

Share from anywhere

Forget handing over physical keys. Digital key sharing allows you to give another person access to the car from wherever you are. Ideal if someone wants to head out for a sunset swim while you hold the fort at Kubb.

Stay safe on the road

Starting to feel tired behind the wheel? With a shared key, you can hop straight into the passenger seat and get the rest you need to take on the open road.

Stress free

With everything handled through a few app taps, the person you share with will automatically receive the reservation details they need. And you’ll never have to worry about someone losing your keys again. 

How to share your key:

  • Make sure the person you’re sharing with has the M app and an account
  • When you've made your reservation, head to the details and tap ‘share your key’
  • Choose how to share your key (SMS, Whatsapp, etc.)
  • The person you’re sharing with receives the link with the key
  • They accept, and you’re all set!
  • Want to stop sharing? Just ask the person you're sharing with to return the key in the app.

Learn the ins and outs of digital key sharing here

Happy summer driving!