A smarter way to drive for work

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0 SEK/month


Smart, flexible car sharing for small teams that need to get moving.

  • What's included
  • 24/7 customer care
  • Fuel, tolls, insurance in every reservation
  • Dashboard access
  • 1 admin account
  • Driver trip history
  • Trip reporting
  • Individual or collective payment

500 SEK/month


Control, choice, and mobility for small to medium organizations.

  • Everything in Start
  • 3 admin accounts
  • Environmental report
  • Internal communication material to drivers
  • Domain registration
  • Credit card or invoice payment
  • Payment summary per cost center

7500 SEK/month


Dedicated support and extended functionality for large organizations.

  • Everything in Start and Go
  • Dedicated account manager
  • On-site training and events
  • Advanced registration
  • Ability to pay per cost center

Reserve, unlock, drive

With M, Volvo cars are available at the touch of a button. Swipe to unlock and get going. No keys. No paperwork.

Thanks to our smart reservation suggestions, there's always a suitable car available at a station nearby.

Save favorite locations for faster reservation. Drive for an hour or as long as needed. Return the car to the same station afterward.

Our 24/7 customer care team is always at hand, no matter where or when. Call us or chat in the app.

Flexible company car(s). When and where you need them.

Scale up or down depending on your organizational needs.

With Volvo cars ready and waiting across Sweden's largest cities, your teams will stay in control and on the move.

From the compact and versatile XC40 to the elegant and spacious V90, we have a range of cars to suit any job.

Uncluttered interiors, smart in-car technology, and safety features keep everyone focused on the job, and the road ahead.

Discover our cars

Find your nearest station

Support the team, optimize the business

M Business enables you to do more than keep people on the move. With our admin features, you can say goodbye to the hassles of fleet management and focus on what’s important.

Whether you're running a small team or managing multiple departments, we take the work out of adding and inviting employees.

Get an overview of your organization’s driving through the Dashboard by accessing all trip history.

Credit card or invoice? Pay per cost center? Our flexible payment options keep things simple and on your terms.

"M is a way for us to ensure our employees' need for a smoother and more flexible way to drive for work is taken care of. The cars are waiting around the corner, and making reservations is easy. Sharing cars with other companies in the area is both environmentally smart and cost-effective."

Filip Wilhelmsson, Sales Account Manager at Telia

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Monthly fee excl. VAT

Per organization. Reduces the hourly, day, weekend, and week rates on the Lagom and Large price plans. The Small plan is pay as you go and has no monthly fee.

500 SEK
7500 SEK
Hourly rate excl. VAT

Per trip, you pay the hourly rate until it becomes cheaper for you to drive on the day rate. The final price depends on your price plan.

125 SEK
105 SEK
Per agreement
Day rate excl. VAT

The day rate is a cap on the cost for driving within a 24 hour period on a single trip. The final price depends on your price plan.

995 SEK
895 SEK
Per agreement
Price per kilometer excl. VAT

The price you pay for the distance you drive. No matter what price plan, the kilometer fee is 2 SEK/km.

Fuel included

If you need to refuel during a reservation, a fuel card is available in the car to cover the cost. It’s just like a credit card, so there’s no expensing involved.

Tolls included

Toll charges are included within Sweden only. This means Öresundsbron is not included.

Excess reduction included

With this insurance, the maximum insurance excess of any car in the service is reduced from SEK 9,600 to SEK 3,200 in case of damage. In case of damage to any other property or any personal damage, a reduced traffic excess of 3,200 is added.

Trip reporting

Drivers can add a trip purpose when making a reservation in the M app.

Trip history per cost center

See the cost, duration and purpose of drivers' trips in the Dashboard.

Admin accounts

Administrators have dashboard acccess.

Environmental report
Domain registration

Drivers are automatically connected to your organization when they sign up with their work email.

Advanced registration

Drivers are automatically connected to your organization and the relevant cost center.

24/7 customer care
Internal communications material

M provides promotional material to encourage your employees to create an M account.

On-site training and events

Available for both administrators and drivers.

Dedicated account manager
Individual or collective payment

Select individual payment to allow all drivers to pay for their own trips. Choose collective, and all charges are placed to your organization.

Credit card per trip

Credit cards (individual or collective) are charged after every trip.

Credit card per month

Trips are aggregated, and your collective credit card is charged once per month.

Invoice per month

Trips are aggregated, and you receive a collective monthly invoice.

Payment per driver