Smarter than buying or leasing

Unlock the Volvo you want, whenever you need it––without the responsibility of ownership or hassle of leasing. Car sharing with M is available across Sweden’s largest cities.

Lower cost. Higher value.

Cars lose value as soon as they leave the dealership. Why not pay for what you use instead?

All inclusive: Fuel, tolls, insurance always included.

On your terms: Pay as you go or choose one of our reasonably priced monthly plans.

Simple and flexible: Change or cancel your plan anytime.

More time. More freedom.

Car care is time-consuming. Why do all the work when we can take care of it for you?

Maintenance-free: We handle servicing, tire changes, cleaning.

24/7 access: Reserve whenever the mood strikes.

Close by: Find your Volvo around the corner in Sweden's largest cities.

A sustainable way to have a car.

Fewer cars on the streets. Less CO2 in the air, and more space for parks instead of parking lots.

In 2020 we replaced 4,515 privately owned cars on the streets. And that's just in Stockholm. Imagine the impact as more people drive with M.

“Today, it just feels so unnatural to own your own car. The value goes down all the time–and it feels nicer to be a part of car sharing.”

Minoo, Stockholm

Get moving in minutes

No keys. No paperwork. Driving Volvo cars has never been simpler.

Download M for iPhone or Android.

Create an account in minutes with BankID.

Reserve your car from one hour or more.

Drive and return the car to the same spot.

Unlock your cars

Why lease one car, when you can have many? From dynamic SUVs to versatile estates, we have a range of Volvo cars to suit every occasion.

Inner-city errands
When the to-do list is long, let the XC40 be your smart companion on the road.

Spontaneous getaways
Need to recharge? Choose the XC60 for the weekend and escape the city in style.

Holiday road trips
From the V60 to the XC90, our cars will stay the course on longer family adventures.

Road trip ready

However you intend to escape the city, we've got you covered.

Planners: Reserve your excursions as far in advance as you like, with unlimited upcoming reservations.

Improvisers: With 24/7 access to cars in your neighborhood, a last-minute getaway is never out of the question.

Adventurers: Heading off-road? Select the V60 with a towbar and make the most of the great outdoors.

Checklist, checked

Whatever the nature of the task, our cars are ready and waiting.

Inner-city errands: Enable hands-free calling and multitask while you're on the move.

After-school activities: Kids running late? Extend your reservation in the app at no extra charge and recline while you wait.

IKEA expeditions: Easily handled with a larger set of wheels and a motivational playlist.


Reserve Volvo cars at over 650 locations across Sweden's largest cities.

Find your nearest station


From pay-go to monthly plans, our pricing is as flexible as your driving needs.

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"I use M if I'm buying something big, visiting friends, or going out for the day. I’d never buy a car when I can use cars like this."

Jahangir, Stockholm