Volvo Cars employees get 25% off with M

We understand it can feel uncomfortable taking public transport these days. That's why we'd like to remind you of the new Volvo Car Mobility service, M, available for all Volvo Cars employees. Currently, you get a 25% discount. The prices you see below include this discount.


Less than 10 hours/month

Small works best if you drive around 10 hours per month, for a short commuting to work, and maybe running a few errands on the way.

  • No monthly fee
  • Hourly rate 83 SEK
  • Day rate 746 SEK
  • Weekend rate 1271 SEK
  • Week rate 2996 SEK
  • Price per kilometer 2 SEK


10-30 hours/month

Have a slightly longer commute to work? Need to escape to nature for a bit? Lagom is just perfect for driving 10-30 hours per month.

  • Monthly fee 195 SEK
  • Hourly rate 64 SEK
  • Day rate 671 SEK
  • Weekend rate 1121 SEK
  • Week rate 2846 SEK
  • Price per kilometer 2 SEK


More than 30 hours/month

Large is a good fit if you drive more than 30 hours per month, for your long commute and work trips, and taking 1-2 day trips to the countryside.

  • Monthly fee 895 SEK
  • Hourly rate 45 SEK
  • Day rate 596 SEK
  • Weekend rate 971 SEK
  • Week rate 2246 SEK
  • Price per kilometer 2 SEK
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How M Works

Using M is easy. Simply let us know when and where you need a car, and what model you want. Pick up your car at a station near you and unlock it with your phone. Drive for an hour to as long as you need, then return the car to where you picked it up.

Get Started with M

  1. Download the M app for Android or iOS

  2. Create your account

  3. Enter the code Volvo

  4. Done! You're good to go.

Cars near you

We have 230 stations in Gothenburg, and we will open new stations in Torslanda, by VAK och TK. You'll find all our stations in the app.

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