Book an eco-friendly vacation on Gotland – with M, Polestar & Cake

Together with our friends at Polestar and CAKE, we have put together an end-of-summer package that is just as friendly to the soul as it is to the environment.

The package includes a house in Burgsvik, with solar panels on the roof and room for six people. You will have access to the Polestar 2 throughout your stay, as well as two Cake Ösa Lite mopeds.

The Polestar 2 is waiting for you in the Port of Visby, fully charged. You drive approximately 75 km to the house in Burgsvik, that will be yours for a week.

The house has three bedrooms and a total of six beds. It has solar panels on the roof, open surfaces, a fireplace, and a south patio. In this summer paradise, you will live in the middle of nature and close to the sea.

Ready for a beach day at Austre strand, a sauna visit in the harbor, or a picnic in the green? The Cake Ösa Lite will efficiently and quietly take you around the island. With free access to both CAKE and Polestar, there are no limits to your summer adventure. Welcome to a harmonic and more sustainable vacation at Gotland!

Please use our application form if this sounds interesting. The house is available for weekly bookings, between 23/8 and 19/9.
Price SEK 18,710 / week. This is a limited offer. Send your request no later than 25/6, 2021. Shortly afterwards, we will contact you and let you know if you are given the opportunity to book the house.

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South of Gotland is a magnificent nature experience with fine sandy beaches along the coasts and excellent hiking opportunities inland. Fresh air is good for the appetite, so why not combine the excursion with a visit to Grå Gåsen, a boutique hotel run by two immigrated Stockholmers who became attached to the Gotland tranquility and decided to remain on the island. They have created a place well worth a visit, even for those who already have other accommodation.

Our best tip for a Gotland visit is probably to take it easy on the roads, so that you do not miss any of all the things you might want to discover, big or small. The best places may not be so clearly visible and can be easy to miss if you are in too much of a hurry. 

For example, if you are traveling along road 142 on southern Gotland, there is a white sign by the roadside called Fide Fajans. Here, the ceramicist Ingela Karlsson works all year round to make ceramic art in the shape of plates, mugs and jugs. During June-August, she keeps her shop open daily.


What is Polestar 2?

Polestar 2 is a 100% electric performance fastback. High-tech innovation and goal-oriented design make the model one of the most acclaimed on the market. As a company, Polestar focuses on design, innovation, transparency and sustainable development, and in 2020, for example, released a complete life cycle analysis of Polestar 2, which reports the total climate footprint during production and use.

Read more about Polestar 2 here

What is CAKE Ösa Lite?

The praised electric moped Ösa Lite from Cake makes your trip easy, fun, and silent. Thanks to the unibar extending underneath the seat and a clamp-on system, users can attach baskets, bags, and tools to create over 1,000 different possible configurations. The lightweight construction enables snappy and lively rides. Perfect for the explorer looking forward to a summer full of sustainable, respectful, and active discovery.

The Cake Ösa Lite electric moped requires either a class B driver’s license or a class AM Moped driver’s license.