21 undeniable #reasonstoshare - M

21 undeniable #reasonstoshare

This week marks the last week of the M Beta before launching our service across Stockholm and Uppsala. It’s also the start of European Mobility Week––a campaign advocating for healthy cities and sustainable urban transport.

Currently, 55% of the global population lives in cities. And over the next 30 years, that number will approach 70%. This situation is ripe with challenges, but also possibilities. Increased urbanization means economic growth, more diversity, and better-connected cities. It also places more demands on public infrastructure, intensifies urban sprawl, and strains the quality of life in cities

As cities grow, we can't achieve a sustainable future if we're still intent on owning cars. It won't work in 2050 because it's not working in 2019. 

The abundance of privately owned cars in cities adds to congestion and clutters shared spaces. Cars reduce local air quality and are a leading cause of climate change. And, while there's a tendency to think of cars as always on the move, the truth is 95% of the time cars sit parked, doing nothing but taking up space and costing money. 

But still, cars continue to be a source of freedom and independence and play a meaningful role in our day-to-day lives. So we need to rethink how we move––to shift from ownership towards accessibility.

If more of us use fewer cars, it creates more space, greener streets, and healthier cities.

Smart car sharing is part of the solution. M’s data-driven approach to service improves with every journey. And the result is as dependable as it is delightful. M is not just an alternative to owning a car: for those living in cities, it’s better than ownership.   

So as we reflect on a sustainable future and celebrate European Mobility Week, we're highlighting our top reasons to car share in cities. Follow along on our Instagram. And join the conversation by posting your own #reasonstoshare. Let others know what inspires you to make a difference in your city!