Which plan is right for you? - M

Which plan is right for you?

You speak, and we listen. It's how M develops. Because we rely on you. Your questions, your feedback, and your wishes guide us as we build this service together.

A key takeaway from the first phase of our beta was the need for flexible pricing. So we introduced a price model to serve a variety of needs. From occasional to everyday driving, our plans offer something for everyone.

What are the plans?

  • Small

We designed Small for those with light driving needs. This is an excellent choice if you need to run errands or go on a few short outings per month. There is no monthly membership fee at this level. So if you drive ten hours or less in a month, this is a smart plan for you.

No monthly fee

135 SEK hourly rate

1295 SEK day rate

2495 SEK weekend rate

  • Lagom

Lagom is best for light to medium driving needs that fall between ten to thirty hours a month. It is a good option for those going on weekly shopping trips or regular weekend getaways. While there is a monthly fee, this plan has lower rates.

195 SEK monthly fee

110 SEK hourly rate

1195 SEK day rate

2295 SEK weekend rate

  • Large

The Large plan is designed to meet the needs of heavy drivers. So if you log more than thirty hours behind the wheel in a month, this is the way to go. While the monthly fee is higher, the rates are significantly lower.

895 SEK monthly fee

85 SEK hourly rate

995 SEK day rate

1995 SEK weekend rate

Switching is easy

We're on a mission to enable more people to move freely. We recognize that it can be hard to predict driving needs––and even then, they can change month to month. So we've made it easy for drivers to switch between plans. We recommend approaching M dynamically by upgrading and downgrading as your needs change. Switching is as easy as marking your selection within account settings. (Keep in mind that while plan upgrades go into effect immediately, plan downgrades begin at the start of the next billing cycle.)

Switch between plans in account settings.

Details matter

As you're shopping around for the right service to fit your requirements, it's a good idea to read the fine print. Car-sharing and car rental companies often have hidden fees. Not at M. As a reflection of our commitment to ease and transparency, all our plans include fueling, tolls, insurance, and mileage up to 300km/day. We also have no lengthy contracts, and you can cancel at any time.

M is a work in progress. And that's a good thing. We don't want to be just an alternative to personal car ownership; we aim to be something better. As we move towards this goal, we can't do it without you. It's what we're all about––we listen, we learn, we get better.