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Happiness is a warm Volvo

Gone are the days of scraping ice off windows, lamenting forgotten gloves, and feeling stuck between the steering wheel and a bulky winter coat. Fire up the Remote Heater straight from the M app and drive away in a well-tempered Volvo.

November 18, 2020

We promised you a little something that would warm hearts and hands this winter, and we’re pleased to say that little something has arrived. It’s called the Remote Heater, and it’s about to make your winter driving with M a whole lot cozier. Here’s why.

A more comfortable winter drive
We’ve all experienced the discomfort of being trapped between the wheel and a bulky winter coat. With the Remote Heater, the car temperature should be pleasantly warm from the moment you unlock.

Good riddance, ice scraper!
Long to-do list for the holidays? Don’t spend precious minutes de-icing windows on a frosty day. Start the Remote Heater when your reservation becomes active and let the car melt it all away. Clear windows, clear mind.

How the Remote Heater works
- Tap ‘warm up your car’ in your active reservation
- The heater will run for 15 minutes
- All set! You can stop the heater whenever you wish, of course.

Learn the ins and outs of the Remote Heater here.

Happy winter driving!

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