"My car at Kungsholmen"

Sadra Jannati has been using M regularly since November last year. Clean and tidy cars and an intuitive app are some of the reasons why Sadra Jannati is using M over other car sharing services.

March 5, 2021

Sadra Jannati lives at Kungsholmen in Stockholm and uses M regularly; to pick up furniture, visit friends outside the city, and for other daily errands that are easier with access to a car.

"Late last year I was going to Tyresö outside Stockholm and realized that it would be more efficient to go by car. I decided to try out M for the first time and have used it regularly ever since. A clean and tidy car was waiting for me in the garage and I could extend my reservation during the ride – it was just as easy to sign up as it was to reserve a car and go!"

It’s not a coincidence that he’s using M over other car sharing services. Besides driving, Sadra works with business development at a customer service company. The customer journey is therefore extra important when he uses new services. 

"My job is to improve customer services for large companies, so it’s always exciting to find new services. So far, I never had a reason to call customer care at M, which is good!

I will never buy a car, as long as I live in the city with access to M. I love that the cars don't have any logos or branding. I can just enter the garage around the corner, open the car with my phone and drive away – it’s just like having my own."

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