Price Plans - M

We have a plan for you

Fuel, insurance, tolls, and 300 km per day always included.


Less than 10hours/month

Small works best if you drive around 10 hours per month, for your weekly shopping, picking up packages, and visiting friends.

  • No monthly fee
  • Hourly rate 135 SEK
  • Day rate 1295 SEK
  • Weekend rate 2495 SEK


More than 30 hours/month.

Large is great if you drive more than 30 hours per month, doing weekly errands and shopping, and going on 1-2 day trips.

  • Monthly fee 895 SEK
  • Hourly rate 85 SEK
  • Day rate 995 SEK
  • Weekend rate 1995 SEK


How many hours are included in the day and weekend prices?
The daily price includes 24 hours, and the weekend price includes 63 hours. We count weekends from Friday afternoon to Monday morning (for example, a reservation starting Friday at 16:00 and ending Monday 07:00).

What payment methods can I choose? Do you provide an invoice?
Right now, you can only pay with a credit card. We make the charge after you complete the trip.

How do the included kilometers work?
Each booking includes 300 km/day. After 300 km, you pay 2.50 SEK/km.

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"Owning a car gives you freedom, but it can also become a burden. I used to own a car and had to spend a lot of time searching for parking spots. It became both cumbersome and expensive to own a car."

Share, buy or lease?

It can be tricky to estimate how much you drive per month. For most people living in larger cities like Stockholm, M will be a competitive alternative, with cars ready nearby, and none of the hassle that comes with owning a car.

Price Comparison (driving 30 -35 hours per month)

Monthly cost for 5000 km or 30-35h/mon

M Large: 3 730 SEK

Used car (5 years): 6 608 SEK

Private leasing: 7 026 SEK

New car: 10 092 SEK

We've made our example based on a person running a few errands per week, and 1-2 day trips per month, maybe to visit friends and family. That's about 5000 km per year or 30-35 hours per month.

When it comes to equipment and quality, leasing and owning a new car is the closest to M. We've added the used car alternative since it's common, but it's not really comparable to M.