Pricing to suit every trip

Need to rent a car for weekly errands or occasional getaways? Compare prices and find the right plan for you. Fuel, tolls, and insurance always included. Change, or cancel your plan at any time.

Less than 10 hours/month


Small works best if you drive around 10 hours per month, for your weekly shopping, picking up packages, and visiting friends.

  • No monthly fee
  • Hourly rate 110 SEK
  • Day rate 995 SEK
  • Weekend rate 1695 SEK
  • Week rate 3995 SEK
  • Price per kilometer 2 SEK

10-30 hours/month


Lagom is just right if you drive 10-30 hours per month, for day trips once or twice and your weekly grocery shopping.

  • Monthly fee 195 SEK
  • Hourly rate 85 SEK
  • Day rate 895 SEK
  • Weekend rate 1495 SEK
  • Week rate 3795 SEK
  • Price per kilometer 2 SEK

More than 30 hours/month


Large is great if you drive more than 30 hours per month, doing weekly errands and shopping and going on 1-2 day trips.

  • Monthly fee 895 SEK
  • Hourly rate 60 SEK
  • Day rate 795 SEK
  • Weekend rate 1295 SEK
  • Week rate 2995 SEK
  • Price per kilometer 2 SEK

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Starting in June. Summer prices on weekly rentals.

We've lowered the prices on longer reservations so you can make the most of your summer vacation in Sweden.

2 weeks
7495 SEK (Reg. 7990 SEK)
6995 SEK (Reg. 7590 SEK)
5870 SEK (Reg. 5990 SEK)
3 weeks
9495 SEK (Reg. 11985 SEK)
8995 SEK (Reg. 11385 SEK)
7997 SEK (Reg. 8985 SEK)
4 weeks
10495 SEK (Reg. 15980 SEK)
9995 SEK (Reg. 15180 SEK)
8985 SEK (Reg. 11980 SEK)

The offer is valid for reservations starting June 1 to August 15. 2 SEK/km not included. Read more about the offer here.

Got questions about pricing?

How many hours are included in the day and weekend prices?
The daily price includes 24 hours, and the weekend price includes 63 hours. We count weekends from Friday afternoon to Monday morning (for example, a reservation starting Friday at 16:00 and ending Monday 07:00).

What payment methods can I choose? Do you provide an invoice?
We accept credit card and make the charge after you complete each trip.

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  • Today, it just feels so unnatural to own your own car. The value goes down all the time–and it feels nicer to be a part of car sharing.

    Minoo, Stockholm

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  • All the information you need is in your phone. It’s great. It’s a seamless experience, and it’s simple to use.

    Jahangir, Stockholm

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  • The best thing for me is not having to plan. To be able to decide, let's go away tomorrow, or maybe we’ll go for a big shopping trip somewhere far away!

    Cornelia, Stockholm

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  • Having a car creates freedom, as long as it doesn’t become a burden. I live on Kungsholmen and had a car before, but it was expensive and difficult to find parking. This is a great alternative.

    Anders, Stockholm

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