​Volvo Car Mobility expands to its 9th city – M launches in Linköping

Stockholm, October 1, 2020: Today, Volvo Car Mobility launches M in the city of Linköping so more people can access a smarter way to have a car. Starting from October 1, both private and business customers will have smooth and convenient access to cars in 28 stations around the city. By establishing M in Linköping, Volvo Car Mobility adds one more city region to its offer and further strengthens the station network in Sweden's southeast area.

Linköping is the 9th city where Volvo Car Mobility will offer its mobility service, M. To begin with, 28 stations will be allocated from Mjärdevi and Vallastaden in the west part of the city, through the city center and all the way to Tannerfors in the east. There are many reasons why M and Linköping are a great match:

"One of the Linköping municipality's goals is to promote shared mobility services and plan for future mobility hubs. And the city's real estate sector is showing interest: we've already signed 95 agreements with different property developers. Additionally, several of M's national business clients are keen to give their employees access to our service in Linköping. Overall, we're excited to support the city and jointly work towards reaching its sustainability goals," says Therese Ahlström Brodowsky, CEO of M Volvo Car Mobility Sweden.

M is on a mission to inspire conscious car consumption in cities. By combining intuitive design and intelligent technology, the M app makes it easier than ever to find the car you need when you need it. By understanding and learning from customers' needs and driving behavior, M can dynamically optimize its car fleet––meaning high availability for customers and efficient use of resources.

Today, one shared car with M can replace eight privately owned cars – potentially up to fifteen. By enabling more people to drive fewer cars, you free up valuable space that would otherwise be taken up by parking. Therese Ahlström Brodowsky believes that Linköping's new district Vallastaden is an excellent example of how urban environments can be designed around people instead of cars:

"The principle of sharing is central to Vallastaden. By ensuring that residents have access to carpools, there are fewer parking spots, meaning more space for people to move freely and more sustainably. This kind of forward-thinking is the future of urban development."

By launching in Linköping, M strengthens its station network across the southeast of Sweden. M now has 650 stations available for private individuals and business customers in Stockholm, Uppsala, Linköping, Gothenburg, Borås, Malmö, Lund, Helsingborg.

About M, Volvo Car Mobility

Volvo Car Mobility provides M, a smart mobility service offering urban individuals and businesses on-demand access to a car, without having to own one. By using the power of the access economy, M will be part of shaping a more sustainable city environment by enabling more people to move freely, meaningfully and sustainably.

M | Volvo Car Mobility is a wholly owned, independent subsidiary of the Volvo Car Group and a strategic investment to meet new consumer preferences. Volvo Car Mobility has 150 employees and the development company is located in Stockholm with local offices in Gothenburg and Malmö. M is available on the App Store and Google Play