Two smart ways to have a car

M free

M Free

For when you only drive every so often - to run errands or go on a weekend trip. You only pay for the time and distance you drive. Fuel, tolls, and full insurance are always included.

M Premium

M Premium

Great when you use M as an alternative to owning a car. M Premium gives you priority access during peak hours, 30 min cancellation and an early return discount.

What's included with M

Fuel, tolls, and insurance. 24/7 customer care.
No lock-ins or lengthy contracts.

No monthly fee
395 SEK per month
Fixed hourly rates
Priority access
Early return discount
30 min cancellation
4 h cancellation
30 min cancellation
Fuel, tolls and insurance
Support 24/7

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Exclusive features for M Premium

M Premium should feel like having a car of your own. Only smoother. That's why we're adding new, smart features, giving you even more flexibility and freedom.

Priority access

We reserve cars at popular stations, giving you easy, exclusive access during peak hours.

Early return discount

Save money if you don’t need all the time you reserved. We’ll take up to 1 hour off the price.

30 min cancellation

We’re giving you more flexibility with an updated cancellation policy.

Our prices

Need a car for weekly errands or occasional getaways? Drive with M Free or M Premium, find the right fit for you. Change, or cancel your plan at any time.

Short trips

Hourly rate weekdays
From 85 SEK
Always 75 SEK
Hourly rate weekends
From 85 SEK
Always 85 SEK

Long trips

1 dayFrom 895 SEK
3 daysFrom 1495 SEK
1 weekFrom 3495 SEK


Price per kilometer2 SEK
Price per kilometer, electric cars1 SEK

If you reserve our Volvo XC90 model or Polestar 2 an extra charge will be added. You'll find additional details and price examples in this FAQ article. The estimated price on your reservation will be displayed in the app. The extra charge only applies if you have specifically reserved an XC90 or Polestar 2.
The weekend rate applies Friday 17.00 until Sunday 17.00.


Dynamic Pricing

Our pricing is dynamic and set by demand. Hourly rates range from 75 SEK to around 110 SEK. M Premium gives you fixed hourly rates: 75 sek on weekdays and 85 sek on weekends. At peak demand, the hourly price is around 110 SEK. The easiest way to see the price of your reservation is to go into the app and make a reservation.

Please note:
There are several factors that affect prices. During holidays, for example, demand tends to be high.

Image illustrates how demand may vary throughout the week.

Always included - excess reduction
Full insurance is always included with every trip, keeping you protected on the road, and it comes with
excess reduction to limit any payable fees in the event something happens.

Optional extra - excess elimination
To avoid paying any fees in the event that something happens, purchase our excess elimination option when making or editing a reservation and drive with added peace of mind.

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Got questions about pricing?

How much does an M trip cost?
The cost of a reservation is calculated on your price plan, the duration of your reservation, and the distance you drive. If you reserve our XC90 model or Polestar 2 an extra charge will be added.

For example: If you drive with M Free and make a 3-hour reservation (85 SEK/hour, at our lowest rate) where you drive for 45 km (2 SEK/km), the cost of the reservation will be 345 SEK.

M Premium also comes with a monthly fee.

How does Priority access work?

Priority access makes it easier to find a car during peak hours. We set aside cars at busy stations so you can make your reservation stress-free, even when demand is high. You’ll see the cars in the app, same as always, but they will only be available for M Premium. Please note: We do not guarantee you’ll always find an available car, but we do make it a lot easier.

How does the Early return discount work?

If you return the car before the end of the reservation, we’ll deduct up to one hour on the price before charging you for the trip. Read more about the Early return discount

Am I fully insured if something happens on a trip?
Yes, full insurance is always included with M––on every trip, at no extra charge. The included insurance comes with excess reduction. Excess reduction limits the excess fee that you would need to pay in the event of damage to the car, to other property, or personal injury.

How much is the excess fee?
Excess reduction lowers the excess fee from 12,000 to 7,000 SEK in the event of damage to the car. For damage to other property or personal injury, the maximum fee is limited to 4,000 SEK.

How can I eliminate the excess fee?
To avoid paying any fees connected to damage or personal injury when driving with M, you can purchase our excess elimination option. You're still fully insured with the excess elimination.

Is parking included in the price?
Parking during a reservation (whether in separate parking spots or at our stations) is not included.

More questions? Head to the Help Center