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A more sustainable way to have a car

Fewer cars on the streets. Fewer cars parked in the cities. Fewer exhaust fumes in the air and more urban space for playgrounds instead of parking lots. This is what you contribute towards by joining M.

Our clever algorithms help you find the car you need, where you need it, and when you need it. That’s why one single car from M replaces 8 privately owned cars.

Every car from M removes up to 8 privately owned cars from our cities’ streets

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Our cities are designed around cars, yet they sit idle for 95% of their lives––costing us unnecessary time, money and space. M is changing this. Here's how.

Of M customers:
who had access to a car before M reduced their driving by 43%
51% canceled a future car purchase
33% continued to use public transport as normal
30% drive less after signing up to M
25% said that they walk or cycle more
25% sold their car as a direct result of joining M

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The actual effect

When people use M instead of owning their own cars, we see concrete, positive effects for the environment.

Statistic, 8200 tons

of CO2 tailpipe emissions saved.

Stastitic 41,300 tons

of CO2 saved thanks to the reduced consumption of cars.

Statistic 3,2 million litres

of fuel saved from reduced driving.

Statistic 3,8 milion litres

of water saved due to more efficient cleaning routines.

Not all our cars are electric yet. That’s why we carbon compensate all M trips by 110%.

A sustainable future

Creating smarter, healthier, and more sustainable cities is one of our core driving forces. By working together with cites, politicians, urban planners, and contractors, M can contribute towards several of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals.

Illustration of UN Global Goals for Sustainable Development

UN - Climate Goal
The Global Goals
Read more about the UN:s goals for sustainable development

Illustration for UN Development Goal 3

Goal 3
Good health and well-being
M contributes to better public health through fewer and safer cars in traffic.

Illustration of UN Development Goal 8

Goal 8
Decent work and economic growth

M makes cities more time-efficient and with less traffic congestion.

UN goal illustration sustainable cities and communities

Goal 11
Sustainable cities and communities
M enables better utilization of the city area with greener infrastructure and more housing.

UN goal illustration responsible consumption and production

Goal 12
Responsible consumption and production
M facilitates more efficient use
of resources.

UN goal illustration climate action

Goal 13
Climate action
M reduces CO2 emissions through reduced car usage and consumption.

From parking to parklife

The fewer cars on our streets, the more opportunity we have to drive our cities forward.
Today in Sweden we have 50 m2 of parking space per person but only 42 m2 of living space.

Imagine if we could replace our cities’ parking spaces with:

Woman and car in a forest

A small forest
The space to plant 1,000 new trees would extract 1,350 tons of CO2 from the atmosphere each year.

City block illustration

More homes
Housing 10,300 people could contribute 4.2 billion SEK a year to the Stockholm metropolitan area.

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Join the movement

Smarter, safer, more flexible car access, combined with positive environmental effects. These are the benefits already happening here and now. And we’re only just getting started.

Join us and help shape an even more sustainable future. 

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All facts here are lifted from Capgemini Invent's 'The Sustainability Impact of Car Sharing Report 2020', focusing on M’s presence in Stockholm.

For any further questions, reach out to us at [email protected].