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At M, we believe that access is better than ownership. It’s a smarter use of our resources, creating new sustainable possibilities in our lives and cities.

The access economy is becoming an increasing part of our everyday lives, giving us the chance to reclaim the space, time, and money that would otherwise be taken up by the things we own, whether it’s cars, bikes, clothes, or your DVD collection.

In our podcast Thank you for sharing, host Steinar Danielsen, Sustainability Lead at M, talks to innovative companies working to achieve a common goal – giving more people access to the things we all need sometimes.



Tune in to our podcast Thank you for sharing, where M’s Sustainability Lead Steinar Danielsen invites interesting guests to talk about issues around sustainability and the opportunities to reclaim space, time, and money in our lives and cities.

Stefan Ytterborn
Founder and CEO of CAKE
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Erik Jivmark
CEO of M
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Beatrice Simonsson
Head of Product Management at Polestar 
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Access over ownership

Technology is changing the way we access the things we need. When it comes to driving, our new behavior brings new possibilities. And potentially massive benefits for the environment.